Why SEO & PPC Can Have A Beautiful Relationship

SEO and PPC are commonly seen as polar opposites. As if the two don’t mix together. Sure, they’re very different marketing strategies but marry them together, and you have the recipe for a synergistic SEM relationship. SEO and PPC are two very popular forms of marketing for any type of business with a digital presence.

Here are a few reasons why merging these two enemies together can work wonders for your leads and sales growth.

Better Visibility

better visibility

This is quite an obvious first benefit to implementing both SEO and PPC together. You want to get your name out there as much as possible and maximize your brands reach. If you combine PPC with SEO ranking you can achieve double the exposure in the SERP’s. If you can dominate the PPC and SEO rankings for your chosen search terms, you’ll give the impression of increased authority for your company.



Everyone loves retargeting because we know how powerful it can be. Nothing the ROI on a well executed retargeting campaign. Retargeting allows you to target people that have previously visited your website.

This is especially powerful because direct traffic has been proven to convert the best (people who have already been on your site before).

Once people become more familiar with your website they’re more likely to convert into customers.


Double The Data

double data

Data-driven marketing is the new buzzword in the digital landscape. People are obsessed with it, and for good reason! Data-driven marketing can be hampered down to an almost exact science. By measuring a marketing campaign effectively, you’re able to optimize on what’s working and get rid of what isn’t.

Call it trimming that fat. But of course, you already know that!

The point I’m getting at here is that implementing both SEO and PPC together will provide you with double the keyword data. Keyword data that you can use to improve your search marketing campaigns and understand your audience better.


Optimized Ad Copy

By running PPC ads for your business, you’ll quickly see which ad text works and which ones don’t. If you’re getting a good click-through rate combined with solid conversions, you know the ad text is captivating and congruent to your product offering.

You can leverage the most successful ads and use it for your organic headlines. Implementing ad text that you’ve proven yourself is a guaranteed way to increase the click-throughs to your website.

Revealing Hidden Keywords

hidden gem

I say hidden keywords, they aren’t really hidden, you just haven’t discovered them yet! Your website will be ranking organically for a variety of keywords. Those rankings can be used for your PPC ads as you may have naturally ranked for keywords you didn’t specifically target. If you can uncover these gems in your campaigns, you’ll crush your competition.

Your goal with PPC is to figure out the keywords that perform best, with SEO, you’ve already got access to that information.

Swapping Out Keywords

Sometimes you’ll find keywords that are just too expensive to use for pay-per-click advertising. That’s when falling back onto SEO can be hugely effective.

It’s possible that one of the best keywords you want to target is too expensive on PPC. An alternative would be to pursue that keyword organically with SEO. This way you can rank for your best keywords and save your marketing budget for other terms that get better ROI.