The Periordic Table of Link Acquisition

Backlinks, backlinks, backlinks.

They continue to form the foundation of a successful SEO strategy. Ranking your articles in Google still involves acquiring links from other websites. It’s how Google separates the wheat from the chaff so to speak.

This fundamental ranking factor hasn’t really changed for over a decade. Sure, Google’s algorithm has become a lot smarter at weeding out the baddies and pushing up high-quality sites in the SERPs, but for the most part the algorithm has stayed the same.

To any marketer or SEO person, links feel like christmas. A link from a high DR website feels gives us a warm fuzzy feeling inside. Links are precious pieces of directive text that bolster our rankings in the search engines.

It’s allows us to rank our articles, grow our traffic and ultimately build an amazing business. We maintain (a shamelessly biased) view that organic traffic is the best kind of traffic. Sure, it’s definitely not the fastest option to grow a business, but we happen to think it is one of the cheapest.

Why? Because once you gain those precious first-page rankings, you’ll usually stay there for the long-term, bringing a steady stream of traffic, leads and sales to your business. Many people have built wildly profitable businesses through organic rankings, and enjoy residual income as a direct result of their SEO and content marketing efforts. Content marketing coupled with strategic SEO is one the best ways to build a passive income business.

These days there are thousands of passive income ideas that you can use to create extra income for yourself – there’s literally no excuses!

Bringing things back to SEO…

Types of Link Acquisition

When it comes to SEO, there are plenty of ways you can go about getting links for your business. We came across an interesting graphic called “the periodic table of link acquisition” and wanted to share this with you. It reveals the many methods you can use to acquire links to your site and grow your business.

We liked that this is packaged into a periodic table of link-building!

This graphic was created by an online marketing agency called Indago Digital. Indago formed this graphic based on in-house expert experience and specialists. They assigned a score system from minus two up to three based on the search engine value each tactic possesses.

The table consists of three fundamental sections:

1. Begger links – This related to the lowest level of link-building such as paying for guest posts and other links on websites.

2. Standard link-building – This technique encompasses a variety of link acquisition methods such as broken link-building and directory submissions.

3. Link earning – This is the top tier of link building that’s all about collaboration and link attraction through awesome content.

Check out the table below:

periodic table link building



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